Our E Type Fleet

The largest choice of E Types to drive in the UK

Jaguar made a lot of E Types for a long time - production ran from 1961 to 1975.

We have the largest fleet of E Types to experience in the UK, from mid-period Short Wheelbase six cylinder cars to the final Long Wheelbase V12 cars.  Plus a choice of coupe or convertible.

On this page you can find out more about our fleet, plus advice on which one is right for you. 

Each car is available to hire under any of our driving experiences packages, starting at £99.

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The Jaguar E Type was launched in 1961 and gradually developed through three distinct versions until 1975 when it was replaced by the XJS.  The early cars are very different from the later ones and, as a result, everyone has a favourite E Type.

As a general rule, the earlier the car, the more 'full on' the experience.  Later cars are more luxurious, easier to drive and more practical.

If you're not sure which car is the right one for you, here's some helpful advice.

The earlier cars have a purer design but have much smaller doors and lower roofs.

If you want to experience the original, sporting E Type experience, choose the Series 2 car.

If you prefer practicality, in particular power steering and easier access and exit to the car, choose a Series 3 car.

All of our cars have manual gearboxes. You can choose between coupe or convertible

1969 Series 2 4.2 Coupe

Original E Type Style

Our 1969 E Type is a rare Series 2 car with 4.2 litre straight six engine & manual gearbox.  It is finished in Signal Red with a red leather interior.

This car retains most of the features of the first E Types including the attractive Short Wheelbase chassis and 'XK' engine.  The Series 2 is the most sporting of our E Types.

It has small doors and unassisted steering.

1972 Series 3 V12 Convertible

Wind in the hair E Type motoring

This 1972 car was one of the last sold before the arrival of the XJS.  It is finished in Old English White with black leather interior.

The Series 3 convertible uses the Long Wheelbase E Type chassis so has extra legroom and easier access.  It also has power steering.

The Series 3's party piece is the superlative V12 engine - an ultra smooth, 285 bhp engine 

1971 Series 3 V12 Coupe

The luxurious, practical E Type

The final E Type coupe combines the superlative Jaguar V12 engine with the most luxurious and practical E Type body style. 

Bigger doors and a taller roof make the Series 3 coupe easy to get and out of while improved ventilation and seats make it more comfortable to be in.

The V12 coupe is effortlessly quick, pulling 20 to 120 mph easily in fourth gear (where legal to do so, of course)


  • 24 hr, weekend or weekly hire available

  • Comprehensive insurance included

  • Book dates or buy a voucher valid for 12 months

  • Choose the E Type for you from our fleet

  • Midlands base near M42 and M5 motorways​

  • Prices from £499 for 24 hrs


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