• Graham Eason

Investing in our fleet

We've been hiring out classic cars since 2006 and we've learnt one thing: your E Type Experience is not just about the car. It's about E Types in great condition. That's why we're the only classic car hire company with our own workshop - full time, experienced mechanics who keep our cars reliable. And in the condition you expect.

Over the winter of 2018/2019 all three of our E Types are being improved and restored. It's inevitable really - these cars were never designed to live so long and they're fragile and prone to rust.

First to be close to completion is our beautiful Series 2 E Type coupe. We've owned this car for several years but it's been off the road for 18 months since it was stolen in 2016 and then recovered in late 2017. When we got it back we realised it would need a lot of work to put it back on the road due to rust in the sills and floors. By the time we got it back it was too late to get it ready for the 2018 season so 2019 became our target.

And here it is - watch the film to see what the car needed and what we did. We've invested over 300 hours labour in the car. Because we do all the work ourselves we don't have to cut corners to achieve a great result.

Here's the gallery of the work we did.